Manufacturing companies are difficult to manage and day to day activities require precise and timely information. We specialize in developing softwares and processes to manage manufacturing operations. We alraedy have a ready solution for Process/ Batch type of manufacturing companies. Manufacturing Management solution for process manufacturing operation is a Cloud based customized application. It deals effectively and accurately to maximize productivity and improve quality. It is an enterprise-wide system which integrates various aspects of process manufacturing like formula development and management, production batches, Quality Control, inventory, sales, purchase and Product costing, Product costing is a key feature of solution. It calculates costs at the formula level as well as the cost after the production of each batch, providing you the vital information on profitability.

    Asset Management and Maintenance SOLUTION is a cloud based maintenance management application that allows the structuring of your assets (plant,equipment,vehicles,etc) in an organized and logical manner. You are able to prepare and document the maintenance records, schedule routine work, prepare unscheduled jobs, that are necessary and record already completed work.

      E-Online Sales websites. Develop your own e-commerce website. Can be integrated with cloud based suit for Manufacturing companies - integration of Manufacturing Execution System with E-Commerce & Sales ordering.

       Websites and E-commerce websites

      Customization of any Manufacturing Process. Inventory Tracking Solutions.

      Subscription management for Magazines/Clubs/Communities with Label printing .

      Easy Mobile responsive Customised Invoicing and Quotations and GST summary for Sales.

      We are providing full software support for start-up's as their technology partners. We are already technology partners for few successfull start-ups.